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We believe that our core values of friendship and support are exemplified by the strong sisterhood that exists in our chapter, despite the absence of a house to facilitate community. If you ask any member of Stanford KKG what the best part of being in the organization has been for them, it is unlikely she would give any answer other than- “the people.” The women in our chapter join Kappa because of the close bonds that unite our group, and the friendships that develop within the four years as an active member will last many years after we graduate. To facilitate this sisterhood, our chapter encourages our sophomore class to live together in Mirlo House, offering the women an opportunity to live close by one another in their first full year of membership. In the weeks following recruitment, we offer a variety of meetings with our new member class to help facilitate roommate pairs and assist draw groups as they navigate the Housing Application portal. Different ‘member class’ events are also often organized, such as movie nights, pool parties, or outings to nearby diners, so that grade classes can bond together. To foster inter-grade relationships, we organize coffee dates, which consist of a randomized group of three members getting together for coffee or a quick meal to get to know one another. We also organize Group Meals, where randomized groups of 5-6 members are assigned to each other and encouraged to get dinner together and make friends with new people in Kappa. We have also have chapter-wide Soul Cycle, Zumba, and Yoga classes to help our members release anxiety and stress in the company of sisters. Of course, all of these activities are optional, designed to help women feel supported and connected throughout their college years and beyond. We continually survey women in the chapter to ensure that the activities planned are truly facilitating stronger bonds and have a positive impact on the individuals, organization and community.